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My name is Maike Wender and I am studying Modern Japan (major) and English (minor) in Düsseldorf, Germany. Languages and the culture of the country they derive from rate among my interests. So I knew right after my school graduation that I wanted to study in this field and I thought that Japanese and English would be a good combination.

On this blog I want to show you my portfolio I created for the final exam in university. As you can see or may have already read, my work deals with the Scottish variation of the English language. In the beginning I was not sure about my topic for the portfolio and I deliberated for a long time. It was very important for me that my works have a red thread so that everyone could understand the relation to each one of them, since the portfolio has to consist of several works with different programs or materials. I thought of which linguistic topic I am mostly interested in. What I had in my mind were the sociolects and then I decided to write about the Scottish dialect.

Although I have never been to Scotland I have already heard many things about the country. It is said to be very beautiful, but the speech of the Scots hard to understand for a foreigner. So I asked myself: What are the particularities of the Scottish dialect? Well, that is how my project developed.

In this blog you can find some information about the history of Scotland that are also important for the development of the Scottish variety of English. Furthermore, I embedded many information about linguistic matters, hyperlinked the parodies of the Scots by the British comedy show "Little Britain" and did an interview with a trainee teacher, who spent one year in Scotland. You can listen to the interview while reading it, because I integrated a recorded podcast on the same page.

Have fun browsing through the blog!