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In Great Britain there is a very popular TV show called “Little Britain” starring Matt Lucas and David Walliams, where the two English comedians slip into different characters fitting the British stereotypes. Regardless of the consequences, they make fun of their own compatriots, imitate different accents of the British people and adopt their behaviour. Maybe that is exactly the reason why it became so popular, not just in Great Britain, but also abroad.

Let’s focus on one special character of the parody show, the mysterious owner of a hotel in Scotland who likes talking in riddles and playing his flute, impersonated by David Walliams. Even the beginning of each clip makes clear in which area of Great Britain the short stories are set, since the lettering of the sign “Ye Olde Hotele” in front of the hotel is written in the Scottish dialect, originating from the Gaelic language. It is raining all the time and the hotel itself is an old castle, descending from ancient times. David Walliams’ character is convincing because of his imitation of the incomparable Scottish dialect and he is a really odd and mysterious contemporary, since this is the stereotypical image the central and southern English people have of their comrades. Matt Lucas embodies different kinds of guests, every single one from another part of Great Britain. You can guess his origin by hearing the various accents he copies and by looking at his outer appearance.

To get an insight into the Scottish dialect and into the highly exaggerated image of the Scots, please click onto the following pictures for the hyperlinked episodes.