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Dialect variation in Scotland:

Dialects vary in grammatical and lexical features and here are some terms of dialect variation in Scotland.

The “multiple negation” is not as ungrammatical as some RP speakers might think, at least it occurs in Scottish English, e.g. I amn’t. There is also the alternative negation “nae” instead of “no” and there is also the possibility of contracted negatives.
The Scots have the additional demonstrative pronoun “yon” and they tend to use some participle forms more often than just in perfect or passive tense: "It needs washed" or "I want it washed".
Where the “got” form is not available it is only the Scottish variety which permits the auxiliary-type treatment.
You can find some special Scottish certain verb-particle constructions, like "He turned out the light", "Put on your coat" or "She took off her shoes".

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