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Hello everybody,
I finished the whole work on my portfolio and on this online blog. Now you can find everything I did for the final report in the seminar "English Historical Linguistics" at Heinrich-Heine-University Duesseldorf. The work on this blog counts also as one part of the portfolio.

Last update:

Section: Rise of standard where you can read about the beginnings of the process of standardization in England
Section: Credits where give the references of the sources I used for my works

I hope that the information on this blog will help you somehow! If I find more interesting stuff about the Scottish dialect, I will inform you here for sure.
Keep in touch!
28.2.10 20:04

It's nearly done

Hello everybody,
As you can see at the time underneath this entry it is already late in the night, but I did some updates. So the blog doesn't look as empty as it looked before, right?

Well, let's see what is new ...

Section: Parody of the Scots by "Little Britain"
Section: Interview about experiences in Scotland & podcast
Section: My profile

I hope you will have fun!
28.2.10 02:46

Some new items

Hello everybody,
It is already late but I worked the whole evening on the blog. I added some contact possibilities and a guest book where you can express your opinion. You can subscribe the blog, too, or look into the archive, which is still a little empty since this blog is pretty new.

Some content updates:

Section: Scottish history
Section: Scottish variety (with further subitems)

Have some fun with exploring the few new sections!
12.2.10 00:33

Let's get it started

Hello everyone!
I am a German student of the English language in Duesseldorf, so I will do this blog in English. For my final exam in a historical linguistics course I prepared a portfolio dealing with the Scottish dialect and I want to present some of my works here online. There will be updates bit by bit and I will inform you through entries.
I would be happy if you followed this blog!
11.2.10 14:46